Thursday, 15 December 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos rumoured, with dual-SIM

Looks like Samsung is swiftly realizing the potential market for dual-SIM phones – there’ve been reports online carrying a leaked picture of an as yet unofficial Galaxy Y Pro Duos, a QWERTY-based dual-SIM that should have nearly identical specs with the Galaxy Y Pro (not yet released in India) and the Galaxy Y.Ironically, the leak comes day after the launch of Micromax’s latest budget Android offering. Readers had recently started unfavourably comparing the newly launched Micromax A75 Superfone Lite (Rs. 8,999 MRP) with the Galaxy Y (Rs. 7,830 MRP), but grudgingly admitted the added benefits of dual-SIM connectivity. The Y Pro Duos of course, will feature a QWERTY keyboard in addition, if launched.
For now, no concrete information is available about the actual existence of the Galaxy Y Pro Duos, or about its pricing and availability. As is the case with most Pro models, we can safely assume the specs of the Galaxy Y and its Pro Duos variant will be nearly identical. A front-facing camera is noticeable however.
For more information about the specifications of the original Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Y Pro, refer to our previous coverage. Do also check out our coverage of the Micromax A75 Superfone Lite, to get an idea of what all the fuss is about.

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