Wednesday, 21 December 2011

7 lakh Android devices enabled each day

Android’s success continues as more and more devices are enabled each day. To give you an idea, there are roughly 7 lakh devices that are Android-enabled every day. Andrew Rubin, Senior VP, Mobile at Google posted a message on his Twitter account, stating,  "There are now over 700,000 Android devices activated every day". The user base of Android devices continues to increase at an amazing pace. Android is expected to be the dominating force by 2015, according to a report by IDC. Andrew Rubin had also posted a message on Twitter stating that there were some 500,000 devices being enabled each day back in late June. The rate of growth has accelerated tremendously, since then.
Galaxy S getting Gingerbread love
Many more phones to be bought

Android phones aren’t the only devices getting more popular. There are a large number of Android tablets being sold across vendors. Apple’s iPad has been a dominant product in its category, but that number has seen a drop according to a recent report by IDC. One of the reasons for the increase should be due to the increase in sales of the Kindle Fire and the Barnes and Nobles Nook tablets. These tablets were introduced at attractive prices of around $200.

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