Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Is the 'Curved' iPod Bangle the latest from Apple?

Wearable computing seems to be the latest trend and though it is still away from making a formal appearance, it has begun creating waves already. Having said that, one cannot expect innovator, Apple to stay behind. Slash Gear reports that Apple is quietly testing and trying, what they're referring to as a curved glass iPod, which can be worn around one's wrist - more like a bangle. Interestingly, Siri will play a very important role in this one, since reports reveal that the curved iPod will be controlled, almost entirely by Siri.
Any takers?
Any takers?

Reports, however, also state that Apple is not very enthusiastic about this project, since hearsay reveals that the team working on it is not too big. The report further reveals that, "Apple added a variety of user-selectable watch faces, meaning the iPod can be used with one of various third-party wrist straps as a timepiece replacement. It’s not clear what wireless technology Apple might use, though the company did add Bluetooth 4.0 support (aka “Bluetooth Smart Ready“) in its recent iPhone 4S."

Google, too, reportedly has been working on introducing wearable technology, and one can expect some news coming in from them too in the days that follow.

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