Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Facebook to move small ads to your Newsfeed

Facebook has an ad system, called Sponsored Stories, which according to Mashable, will move into your Newsfeed, early next year. Sponsored Stories is a system where Facebook integrates your friends' activities into small ads. Facebook introduced this feature last January. Back then, ads were placed on the right hand side of the page and they now occur in the ticker. However, anticipating that this addition to the Newsfeed will not be a welcome change, a Facebook representative stated that the ads will be placed sparingly. According to them, most users will see a maximum of one ad, per day.
Do you want ads in your Newsfeed?
Do you want ads in your Newsfeed?

Adding ads in timelines of course isn't something new. Twitter has not only sponsored Tweets, but also sponsored accounts, which roll through your timeline at a pace where it isn't too intrusive. This is a paid service that they offer to advertisers, of course. Meanwhile, Facebook's prepping for their big IPO next year, and while users may crib about seeing ads in their Newsfeeds for a little while before getting used to it, this method of advertising will help the social networking giant add to its value for the IPO.

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