Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nokia confirms battery issue in Lumia 800, fix coming early 2012

Nokia had launched the Lumia 800, globally, amidst a lot of hype and hoopla. This was done rightfully so, as it is a beautiful looking device and more importantly it marks Nokia’s big re-entry in the smartphone game. The only problem with it is that some handsets had a less than average battery life, which didn’t allow users to use the Lumia 800 to its true potential. This is not a widespread issue, but an issue nonetheless, faced by a sizeable amount of users. Nokia has acknowledged this battery issue and through a support page on Nokia stated that the fix would come in the form of an update by early 2012.
Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing
Nokia Lumia 800 battery fix on the way

Commenting on the issue, Nokia said that they have immediately started to investigate it and can now confirm that while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity. They state that it is a software problem and can be easily fixed. They plan on releasing an update to fix this software issue, which is affecting the battery, by early 2012. This update will also include many performance enhancements. 

To check if one’s handset is affected, they can run the battery status test from the diagnostic tool, which is already installed in the phone. To run the test, fully charge the battery, and then dial ##634# to access the diagnostic tool. After that go to the Battery Status section and if one’s battery is below 1000mAh, then the handset is affected and is not able to access the full capacity of the battery. Alternatively, for those who are faced with this issue and cannot wait for software update, Nokia will replace the affected handset.

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