Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Facebook to sue 'Israeli Mark Zuckerberg'

All of us seek inspiration from successful people, but not many, in fact no one, does what a certain Israeli resident did. Rotem Guez, an entrepreneur from Israel had his first brush with Facebook when he tried to sell Facebook Likes for money, reports International Business Times.
Rotem Guez (Image courtesy: International Business Times)
Rotem Guez (Image courtesy: International Business Times)

He also went ahead and launched an international social marketing company called (Any guesses?), ‘Like Store’. Vigilant Facebook then went ahead and closed the shutters on his Facebook page, citing that Guez’s activities were a clear violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. Not one to be bogged down by this, Guez sued Facebook for having kept him away from his profile, and not having given him “any apparent, legitimate reason” to do so. It was also revealed that Guez handled several fake accounts on Facebook.
Rotem Guez' Like Store
Rotem Guez' Like Store (

Later then, Guez received a ‘cease and desist letter’ from Facebook’s law firm, Perkins Coie. The letter stated that Guez’s Like Store and the way he sold Likes to advertisers violated Facebook’s Terms of Service, because of which Facebook will be disabling his profile and his Facebook page. He was then given a deadline (December 14th) by Facebook to follow the following diktats:

  •   Never attempt to access Facebook's "site, services, platform, or network for any reason whatsoever.
  •  Never develop, promote, sell, offer and/or use websites or applications that sell "Likes," or "incentive   Facebook users to 'like' any page or website or to use Facebook social channels."
  •  Never mislead Facebook users.
  •  Remove all Facebook references from websites and any promotional material that he controls
Fake Mark Zuckerberg profile
Fake Mark Zuckerberg profile (Image credit: Facebook)

Guez then did the unthinkable. Reportedly, in December, Guez went to the Israel's Ministry of Home Affairs and changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg (yes!). To support the change, he even made the necessary changes to his photo ID and passport. He soon created a new page. Facebook soon discovered this, in less than a week from the name change. They soon threatened him with a lawsuit, and also deleted his secondary account.

The report states that despite repeated warnings from Facebook to refrain from mentioning Facebook in any way, Guez continued with his activities. Soon after, he received another letter from Perkins Coie, which extended his earlier deadline till December 19th. Now, having stepped over the December 19th deadline without compliance, Facebook will be gearing up to sue him.

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