Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Zebronics launches the ZEB-SW3500RUCF, 2.1 channel speaker set

Zebronics has launched its latest 2.1 multimedia speaker set, the ZEB-SW3500RUCF with a digital display. The new model features a bass reflex subwoofer with fully functional remote control, adding to Zebronics’s line-up of speakers. This speaker system features a soft surface and has volume controls and power buttons, indicated by a vibrant orange LED. It is suitable for iPods and PCs with a stereo line cable as well as a 3.5mm stereo adaptor. This speaker set features a high-gloss and black-satin finish. The ZEB-SW3500RUCF offers a friendly user interface with a fully functional remote control for ease of operation. Zebronics claims that the bass/treble and volume controls add to the clarity and crispness of the music produced. 

The ZEB-SW3500RUCF with a fully functional remote
The ZEB-SW3500RUCF with a fully functional remote

An interesting feature of it is the SD/USB input facility, which enables direct playback of music from memory cards and data storage devices. This allows users to plug-in a pen drive or an SD card and play their music. It is lightweight; making it an ideal sound solution while on a holiday or traveling. The ZEB-SW3500RUCF can also be used as a PC multimedia speaker system with easy-to-use connectors, extra input and output ports.

The ZEB-SW3500RUCF is available at a price of Rs.1,999 and comes with a one year warranty. For more information on this 2.1 speaker set, click here.

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