Monday, 19 December 2011

Galaxy Nexus faces a glitch in its multi touch feature

Things don’t seem to be very rosy with Galaxy Nexus users currently, as their newest ICS flavoured smartphones seem to be having problems. As reported by a few in the Rootz Wiki forums, there seems to be a certain problem with the multi touch capabilities of the Galaxy Nexus. Certain apps that utilize the phone’s multi touch feature are reportedly showing problems and are failing to recognize touch on the bottom right corner of the display. And once the problem becomes visible, it continues in the other apps as well. The only solution is to toggle the display off and back on. 
Touch me not!
Touch me not!

Naturally, both Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus are relatively still new and if you see the early bucket curve of most new electronic devices, there will be an initial time period, when they have bugs and glitches in their system. So, we’re hoping this is just a minor blip and that it’ll be fixed soon. 

Here’s a video of the problem Galaxy Nexus owners are facing:

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