Monday, 19 December 2011

Nokia and Microsoft get bitter over comments on Lumia 800 review

Nokia has been pinning its hopes on the Lumia 800, ever since it made its debut, while Microsoft plans to stay at par with competitors, such as iOS and Android with its Windows Phone OS. Now, it so seems that Nokia and Microsoft are working together at defending their products, too. An Indian site, which reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 had its comments section see some anonymous comments, apparently from employees at Nokia and Microsoft, obviously raving about the device and seemingly unhappy with the review, reports The Guardian.
Sleek lines
In defense

Astonishingly, it wasn’t a hands-on review and was purely based on the technical specifications. In terms of specs, it was compared to the Samsung Galaxy S Plus handset. Now, the reviewer concluded that,   although Nokia places its Lumia 800 in the same league as that of the iPhone, it doesn’t seem anywhere close. The reviewer also went ahead to call it a ‘noPhone’ (now that hurts!). 

Several comments followed showing resentment. The comments were supposedly from IP addresses, which reportedly belonged to Nokia and Microsoft. The reviewer disclosed the data about the IP addresses in a later post. He also clarified that it was a feature comparison, based on the spec sheet for the price sensitive Indian market. 

Obviously, it neither puts the reviewer, nor the companies in any better position.

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