Monday, 30 January 2012

Angry Birds flying to Facebook on Valentine's Day

Angry Birds has conquered almost every platform, and on this year's day of love, the birds are flying on over to your Facebook. According to a statement by Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, "Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like competitive pig-popping among friends!" So if you're single this year, the birds can be your friends, or if you're taken, what's better than having Angry Birds contests with your loved one? Rovio Mobile has also released a trailer (see below) to advertise the next flight of the Birds. It looks like, from the trailer, that the game on Facebook might play a little differently from how you're used to playing it on your mobile devices or even your desktop. According to Mashable, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said that the game will have new aspects and will also have a more collaborative feel.


From the trailer, it looks like Mighty Eagle will be available for Facebook and in the shot at 13 seconds in, you might be able to use the Mighty Eagle a few times in one hour, unlike mobile devices where you're only allowed to use it to get through a level you haven't finished before once an hour. At 14 seconds, the star icon up top unrolls out to reveal what looks like various power ups, but we'll have to wait for the game to see what those really are. And of course, it looks like social features will be embedded into gameplay itself, with what looks like a spot for your profile picture in the top right corner of the gameplay screen. Last Valentine's Day, the Angry Birds celebrated love with an update to Angry Birds Seasons. But given there was just recently a Chinese New Year update, another Seasons update seems unlikely.

In other Angry Birds news, the Rio chapter has finally come out with what looks like it could be its last update, but according to Rovio, it isn't the end of Angry Birds Rio yet. The update concludes the Smuggler's Plane chapter and a boss fight with Nigel is the closing level. If you've seen the movie Rio, this chapter represents the last scene in the movie. The update also brings the newest bird, the yellow woodpecker to the Rio world. And of course, the Mighty Eagle is available to play with and you have to buy it seperately just for Rio as an in game purchase if you haven't already done so. Rovio says that more levels can be expected based on deleted scenes from the movie so Rio fans, don't give up hope yet.

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