Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Could this be the Arc HD in the Resident Evil: Retribution movie trailer?

The official trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil movie has been released on YouTube and for the most part, it looks like a Sony advertisement showing people holding Sony devices and terming it ‘Their world.’ But, if one takes a closer look at the video, they may spot a Sony branded handset that looks awfully similar to the Sony Xperia Arc HD. Speculation had arisen that the first Sony branded handset was set to be the Nyphon with the image in the video showing a similar styled handset we saw earlier. As per a report by GSM Dome, it appears that the rumours suggesting that this phone could be the Nyphon have been dismissed and the handset will instead be known as Arc HD.
Sony Xperia handset in the Resident Evil trailer
Sony Xperia handset in the Resident Evil trailer

As for specifications very little is known about the Arc HD except for the ones mentioned below:

4.2-inch 720p display
Dual core NovaThor processor
12 megapixel camera


The handset appears in the video at around the 13 second mark and this could very well signify an upcoming smartphone. From the screen grab, we can see that it has physical buttons, which are not inkeeping with the latest trend from Sony where they are launching handsets with capacitive buttons. In all probability, this could just be the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc with the branding changed to read Sony, as it is, after all, the year when all Xperia handsets are to be titled only ‘Sony.’ Sony has taken an opportunity to advertise their line of products and it’s no surprise that they have done this as it is a film that is being made by Sony Pictures. 

Let us know your reactions about the handset in question. Which do you think is this mysterious Sony branded smartphone that is used in the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer? And also let us know your thoughts on the trailer itself. At first glance, did it remind you of an advertisement for Sony? It certainly did to us. Let us know your thoughts on this and any other reactions you have to the trailer in the comments section below.

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