Saturday, 28 January 2012

Google Earth 6.2 out with more imagery, better interface

Google is taking the bird's eye view to a whole new level with the latest version of Google Earth. With Google Earth 6.2, they’re having a more seamless imagery and a new search interface. Additionally, they’ve also introduced a feature that enables users to share an image from within Google Earth, so users can now simply and easily share their adventures with family and friends on Google+. Here are a few of the features that the new version brings.

A seamless globe
The Google Earth globe is made from a mosaic of satellite and aerial photographs taken on different dates and under different lighting and weather conditions. Because of this variance, views of the Earth from high altitude can sometimes appear patchy.
Open your eyes to the world!
Open your eyes to the world!

Now, they’ve introduced a new way of rendering imagery that smoothens out this quilt of images. The end result is a new Earth-viewing experience that preserves the textures of the world’s geographic landscapes - without the quilt effect. This change is being made on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Earth. While this change will appear on all versions of Google Earth, the 6.2 release provides the best viewing experience for this new data.

Share your explorations with Google+
Google Earth is a great way to virtually explore the globe, whether it is revisiting old haunts or checking out a future vacation spot. With the Google Earth 6.2 update, they’ve added the option to share a screenshot of the current view in Google Earth through Google+. Users can share images of the places they’ve virtually travelled to with their Circles with family and friends. To try this new feature, users need to sign in to their Google Account in the upper right hand corner of Google Earth and click “Share.” Images of mountains, oceans, deserts, 3D cities on Street View can now be shared via Google+.

Search improvements
Aside from streamlining the visual design of the search panel, they’ve enabled the same Autocomplete feature that’s available on Google Maps. They’ve also introduced search layers, which will show all the relevant search results (not just the top ten). So now, when looking for gelato, you can see all the tasty possibilities. Finally, they’ve added biking, transit and walking directions, so if you’re itching for a change of scenery or looking for a new route for your regular commute, you can now use Google Earth to generate and visualize all your options.

Google Earth 6.2 can be downloaded from here. More details are available on the Official Google Blog.

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