Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rumours heat up about HTC Primo, a dual-core ICS mid-range droid

HTC may have kept mum at CES 2012 about their plans for the new year, but like always, secrets have their way of spilling out. Take the latest contender to enter the rumour mill, the HTC Primo, for instance. You can’t really tell much going by the name, as to what sort of a phone this would be, so luckily we have some specifications that have managed to make their way onto the Internet. Like all rumours, we advise you take this with a pinch of salt.
A beefed up Rhyme?
A beefed up Rhyme?

The Primo is not a testosterone fueled, do-it-all beast like the HTC Ville or the HTC Edge, for that matter, but it’s no puppy, either. The folks over at Stuff.tv we told that it will pack in a 1GHz dual-core CPU, so it could be as Nvidia Tegra 2 or something from Qualcomm’s camp. The screen will be only 3.7 inches, but HTC have swapped the LCD screen in the favour of Super AMOLED. For added protection, it would also feature Gorilla Glass (not sure if it is v2), but we still don’t have any confirmation on the resolution. The rest of the specifications, include 512 MB of RAM, a 5MP auto-focus shooter, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Beats Audio. They say, the phone would be priced in the vicinity of US $389, which is approximately Rs.21,000. Add to that the duties and taxes and we’re looking at a price of about Rs.25,000, by the time it hits India. This is good, as it gives the Rhyme just the reason to drop in price, which is long overdue. 

The picture above is just for representation and not a prototype in any way. That is just the Sensation with an ICS screen and a Beats logo stuck at the bottom. We guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for MWC to find out what this will actually look like. Going by just the pricing and the specifications, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a beefed up version of the HTC Rhyme. If you think about what they did with the Sensation XE, this could be a very interesting phone to watch out for in the sub-30K price bracket.

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