Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sony Xperia S to come with a quick charging battery

Reports of the Sony Xperia S had surfaced much ahead of the time Sony actually intended them to. The handset was caught through image leaks and specification releases way ahead of its official debut and it had gone by the codename, Nozomi. The handset was officially unveiled under the Sony branding making it the second handset to be released under this new name change for their Xperia line up of handsets after the Xperia Ion. These two handsets were officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 at Las Vegas and though there was no real surprise regarding the Xperia S, the only thing different from the image leaks was the change in branding from Sony Ericsson to Sony. However, at the time of launch very few details had emerged regarding the upcoming Sony handset but a few days ago, the pricing of the Xperia S had been revealed and it is expected to retail at a price of £389.99 which translates to approximately Rs. 30,699. As per a recent report by the Xperia Blog, more details of the handset have surfaced with the Xperia S said to feature a fast charging battery and an anti-stain shell.
Xperia S available in two colour options
Xperia S to feature nano-coating that will repel dirt

According to a report by, a Sony Ericsson Product Manager for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands has confirmed this to be true and said that the Xperia S will feature a special nano coating that not only helps in repelling dirt but will also be UV Active. Apart from this dirt repelling properties, the handset will also feature a battery that is fast charging and reduces the charging time by half. As an example the website notes that a 10 minute charge would power up the device for up to an hour. Nowadays, battery life has somewhat taken a backseat as smartphone technology gets more advanced and if Sony has added this feature it looks like things are turning out for the better since handsets seem to discharge at quite an extraordinary pace.

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