Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nepal takes a liking to UbiSlate 7+, books 20,000 units

Today is the last day of the ongoing, 6-day long, CAN Info-Tech 2012 Conference in Nepal, and among the many things, the visitors seem to have taken a liking to India's very own, Aakash tablet. The conference that started off on January 26, 2012, is the country's biggest technology exhibition, according to Hindustan Times and has been seeing a heavy inflow of visitors, who have been heading towards the stall B22 to see the low-cost tablet for themselves. An updated version of the Aakash tablet put on display at the conference, seemingly impressed them; so much so that reports have it that bookings for as many as 20,000 units of the UbiSlate 7+ tablet have been made, already. Clearly impressed, reports suggest that the tablet has managed to hit off very well with the masses, there. The tablet,  in Nepal is being priced at NRs 6,000, which translates to approximately Rs.3,750.
Creating a stir everywhere

In a quote carried by this report, Vivek Khetan of Gizmos Nepal, the sole distributors for Nepal, stated that, "We had a purchase order of around 10,000 units. But bookings at the exhibition and online have been over double that figure." Khetan further added that unlike in India, where the tablet has a niche buying section - students, professionals; the UbiSlate 7+ has found love from all quarters in Nepal, even in rural areas. Interestingly, a restaurant chain in Nepal have booked 1000 units of the UbiSlate 7+ tablet, further testifying just how popular this tablet now is. Reportedly, the better, upgraded version of the tablet, which features a better processor, a bigger battery, a newer version of Android, GPRS, Wi-Fi, HD video and over 1,50,000 applications, will cost Rs.750 more in Nepal. 

News back home reveals that an upgraded Aakash, i.e. Aakash 2 is expected to reach college students, next month. Interestingly, while students will be able to enjoy the benefits of an upgraded device, they wouldn't have to pay anything extra. 

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