Tuesday, 24 January 2012

WP Tango to need only 256 MB of RAM?

The upcoming version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone Tango is set to come in Q2, this year and guess what – instead of upping the minimum requirements, they’re seemingly going easy on the specs front. As reported by the Verge, Tango will support just 256 MB of RAM, as compared to the 512 MB, that’s there for current gen devices.  

Let's do the Tango!
Let's do the Tango!

Now there are two ways how this could go. Either Tango will be a selective update for low end versions of WP phones and will be sort of a pre-cursor to the big update that might come later, but not to all devices, or the UI will be more optimized and will just need less requirements. Either way, Tango is going to have a new Start Screen folder support and a different user interface for built-in media controls. We were quite impressed with WP7.5 Mango in our Lumia 710 review, and we can be pretty sure the next update will make the interface only better. The Mobile World Congress is coming soon and we’re hoping that there’s some big news from the Microsoft camp for the current year, not only in terms of new phones, but a better ecosystem – more apps, more functionality and features in the UI.  

Manufacturers are currently in a neck-to-neck race, in terms of who’s got the better specs. This in turn is wrongly having people to believe that a better spec’d device directly translates to a better phone and a better experience. Android is set to go quad-core, this year, guess why? From the plethora of Android handsets we’ve reviewed, every single one of them has slowed down over a period of time. This boils down to one major factor - poor optimization. Compare it with the Windows Phones now. From all the phones we reviewed and used over a period of time, none of them showed any signs of lacking, whatsoever. We can safely say that with even lesser of RAM requirement, they’re not going to compromise on the device’s speed or multitasking availabilities. That’s where WP7 wins over its competitors. MWC is just around the corner and we might just see another surprise from Microsoft. 

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