Monday, 23 January 2012

New water resistant keyboard from Genius announced

Inspan Infotech, one of the IT distribution companies for motherboards and hardware components, has announced the new SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard from Genius. The SlimStar 110 keyboard from Genius is an elegant black finish keyboard designed for Windows Vista. The silent keycap structure provides a good tactile feedback (just like a notebook) and low noise comfort during typing. SlimStar 110 is designed to be protected against accidental spills during work, so a spill here and there won’t render the keys on your keyboard useless. However, the keyboard has also been designed keeping comfort in mind. 

The water resistant keyboard
The water resistant keyboard

With 445x168x23 mm(L*W*H) as dimensions and a body weight of 519.98g, the keyboard is compatible with IBM Pentium PCs or higher with Windows Vista/XP x64/XP/2000, and is available in PS/2 only. The package comes with one unit of the SlimStar 110 keyboard. During unveiling of the product, Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech mentioned that, "SlimStar 110 keyboard is a beautiful product for all those who require notebook like keyboard for their desktops. SlimStar 110 is a perfect product for those who don't like their typing noise to effect people around them, its silent keycap structure create very little noise while typing". He further added that, “Partners now have one more intelligent product in their kitty for their customers". The Genius SlimStar 110 Keyboard is priced at Rs. 495.  It comes in a single colour – black, and with a warranty period of 3 years. The keyboard is available ex-stock.

Water resistant keyboards make for great companions if you’re one of those clumsy types. We’ve often had tea or coffee spill over our keyboard followed by a frantic search for a napkin along with praying that the keys are working properly. To think of it, water resistance as a default would be a nice feature to have in all kinds of keyboards. We’ve seen them on phones, like the Active and theDEFY+ we reviewed earlier, we’ve seen them on watches, and we’d definitely not complain if they would feature on other electronic devices as well.

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