Monday, 23 January 2012

SICT introduces new multimedia phone, the iV208

SICT Mobiles has introduced a compact phone in the market, called the iV208. This device comes with dual SIM support and has Dual Band as well. Despite its small size, the phone comes with relatively loud speakers and wireless FM with a dedicated FM key. The iV208 comes with a 5.1cm LCD screen. 
The iV208
The iV208

The iV208 comes with a built-in video player that supports MP4 and 3GP video formats with 20 fps playback support. The new offering comes loaded with a 1.3 MP camera. In addition to this, the phone comes with a Call Connect Notice feature that helps protect the user from radiation. The other features of the phone, include Bluetooth A2DP for wireless music via a Bluetooth headset, USB cable and a security mechanism for the phone book, messages and multimedia. It supports all major audio formats like MP3, WAV, MIDI and AMR and comes with 8GB of external memory support. A few in-call features have been loaded as well. The blacklist facility helps the user to avoid any unwanted calls. The auto call record facility allows users to record their important calls. According to the company, the phone comes with 3D surround sound.

SICT has packed the iV208 with a 1,200 mAh battery. The single “End” key also switches off the LCD of the device which saves powers. It comes with dual charging port and an inbuilt torch. The phone is priced at Rs.1,549 and is available ex-stock.

In the recent past, we’ve seen quite a big range of cheaply-priced handsets entering the Indian market. Whilst they do try to pack in and provide as many ‘features’ as possible in the tight budget, do you think that the companies would be better off getting a solid sturdy handset that makes quick calls and SMSes on the go? For us, at least, something on the lines of the old Nokia 1100, for that price, would be preferable, rather than feature packing one's handset.

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