Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Play Snake, in true Nokia style, on your Windows Phone

Most of us started out on mobile technology with Nokia phones and aside from calling and texting, a major pass time was playing snake. Monochromatic and using buttons for directions (you know, before the touchscreen phase), we spent hours feeding a snake while trying to prevent it from eating itself. Willem Middelkoop, a developer, has attempted recreating the entire experience on Windows Phones, complete with pressing buttons and the monochrome gameplay. The app essentially turns your Windows Phone into a mid 90s Nokia handset, complete with green and black screen and large buttons for numbers. The idea is to create the experience and make it as authentic as possible for good old fashioned nostalgic value. Check out the video below to see what we're talking about.


What, of course, makes this experience worth for Windows Phone users is the fact that Nokia's new handsets, the Lumia series run on Windows Phone. According to Slash Gear, Nokia tried to release a modern day version of Snake on the N-Gage phone. Neither the phone, nor the game did too well. Nokia also released a version of Snake this past Christmas for Facebook users. The game was modernized as well with the snake appearing in multiple colours and chasing Christmas presents instead of rodents. What will set the app off from playing Snake on other platforms is the sheer nostalgia factor. Recreating the original game on a modern phone will work in favour of the game.

For those of you wondering what the history of Snake is, the game didn't start out as a Nokia game. Instead, it was a very old computer game existing when your mobile phone wouldn't have fit into your pocket or purse. Would you play retro Snake on your Lumia phone? Would you want to play the game on your iOS or Android device as well? Let us know in the comments section below.

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