Monday, 30 January 2012

Upcoming Nokia Lumia 800 update to fix audio and camera issues

Nokia had launched the Lumia 800, last year, and it was the brand’s big comeback into the smartphone game. This time their operating software of choice was Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 to battle against the popular Android and iOS platforms. When the handset launched, it did well in reviews, but the only setback it faced stemmed from the fact that it was running on WP7, which is not a full-fledged OS, as compared to Android or iOS, this is a device that can certainly give users their money’s worth. However, a number of Lumia 800 owners had issues regarding the longevity of their handset's battery and in December, Nokia confirmed this and offered to fix this problem with either a handset replacement or a software update. As promised, Nokia delivered a software update for the handset with the version number 1600.2483.8106.11500 that aimed to address this battery issue that gripped the Nokia Lumia 800 devices, earlier on this month.

However, those who updated their affected handsets to this version number are now taking to the forums complaining about another issue. The devices are now facing issues pertaining to glitches in the audio as well as the camera. Nokia has once again confirmed this and have addressed this issue in a blog post.

Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing
Fix for the camera and audio will be addressed in future updates

Nokia Community Manager, Michaels has said, “First of all, the primary target of the latest Lumia 800 update (1600.2483.8106.11500) was to enhance standby time as well as to bring an improvement to the issue reported by some customers in December, that their phone wasn’t able to access the full battery charge capacity correctly. We can confirm that we have successfully tested that those improvements are working. Additionally, we’ve noted your concerns regarding audio and camera settings and are going to address those in a series of future updates, ie. these will not be included in this specific update. It is also important to understand that only the Nokia Update for Lumia 1600.2483.8106.11500 will introduce the mentioned improvements.”

The post also goes on to detail about the battery issue, which has plagued the Nokia Lumia 800 handsets and they offer assistance by saying that if anyone has any battery related issues, they can contact Nokia Care or log on to 

Let us know if any of you are facing these issues and also do share your reactions about it in the comments below.

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