Sunday, 29 January 2012

Google dominates Indian Android app space

It’s no surprise that Google’s Android platform has turned out to be the most budding platform. It’s also the case in the slightly more price sensitive Indian market. Apple’s iOS-based iPhones and iPads are still pretty expensive for mainstream consumption in the Indian market, but it’s not the case with Android. Nielsen, a research company has released a blog post that states that Google also happens to dominate the mobile app terrain in India. The report states that Indian smartphone users tend to spend roughly 40 percent of their time using data apps. Out of all the apps on the market space, the majority of 25 percent are made by Google.
Leading Android apps
Leading Android apps

The most used app from Google’s portfolio surprisingly is the Android Market followed by Gmail and Gtalk and then, the rest. The most popular app on the other hand isn’t a Google one, though. Facebook, the popular social networking service launched their app on Android and iOS devices quite sometime back and on Android, it’s the most popular app around today. Nimbuzz also figures in this list and it’s the second most popular social networking app around, used primarily for chat. In terms of other categories of apps, GPS, video, e-mail and search apps dominate the terrain.
Amount of time spent
Amount of time spent

In terms of time spent, Google’s apps dominate in the Search, GPS, e-mail and streaming video sections. Other third party app developer apps are preferred as far as chat and social networking apps are concerned. For example, 99 percent of social networking apps used aren’t Google-based. It doesn’t appear as if Google+’s mobile app has taken off in India. The same goes with chat, where only 7 percent of the time is spent on Google-based chat applications. The Nielsen report also details age groups and the use of the popular Google apps, which you can find on the Nielsen report blog post. The report doesn’t really cover other apps across other platforms, so it’s hard to conclude, if these are the most popular apps in the Indian market today. However, considering how well Android is doing these days, it might be assumed that it’s the case.

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