Tuesday, 17 January 2012

24 million accounts affected in Zappos hack

Amazon owned, online footwear retailer site, Zappos sent out a mass e-mail to their customers saying that the website had been hacked and account information had been compromised. The e-mail said that one or more of the following customer information may have been compromised: name, email address, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, the last four digits of the user's credit card number and the cryptographically scrambled password. Zappos says that actual passwords have not been stolen and that account holders' passwords have been expired and reset, so users can create new passwords. They said that the database that stores critical credit card information was not affected or accessed.
Zappos: hacked
Zappos: hacked

According to Mashable, Robert Sicilliano, a McAfee consultant said that even though the attack seemed benign, the hackers could intend to sell the information to phishers. The hackers have enough information to contact users as Zappos to get the rest of their information, such as full credit card numbers and passwords. Even though, Zappos urges its customers to change their passwords, as soon as possible, their website is currently down when accessed outside of the United States. Stay tuned to Tech2 for any updates on when the site will be back up.

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