Tuesday, 10 January 2012

CES 2012: Kinect officially coming to Windows this February

Kinect is officially coming to Windows this February and depending on which camp you’re from, this could mean good news or news you really couldn’t care about. Microsoft’s answer to the Wii started off primarily as a gaming peripheral but has now become so much more than that. In fact, as a gamer I personally feel Kinect games just plain suck. They’re unresponsive, juvenile and forgive the stereotyping but they try way too hard to appeal to either women or children.
Will you pick up Kinect for Windows?
Will you pick up Kinect for Windows?

SEGA tried giving Kinect its first M rated game but that failed miserably. With the move to Windows, I’m hoping developers make better use of Kinect’s hands-free functionality and move beyond Wii sports knock offs. CEO Steve Ballmer may have confirmed Kinect’s existence for Windows at CES 2012 but he did not divulge any price. Amazon seems to think the device will sell for $249, $100 more than its console counterpart but once again, this isn’t official. 

So how do you feel about this? Will you be picking up Kinect for Windows this February?

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