Saturday, 21 January 2012

Counter Strike comes to Android!

Well well well, look what has come to Android! A fully playable version of Counter Strike – with online support! Wait, before you get too excited and hit the search button on the Android marketplace with ‘Counter Strike’, we’ll inform you that this one isn’t directly available on the marketplace. Also, it’s not a ported version of Counter Strike for the PC – this game has been built from scratch (!) using Unity3D, but uses a major part of the assets, icons, maps and players from Counter Strike, as reported by Droid Gamers. Head over to this link on the XDA Developer forum to download the game. They’ve got a version for everyone, so if you have 2.0+, then the 5o version will work for you (with bot support, no jumping allowed though) and if you have 2.3+ then the 6p version will work well.
Its quick!
Its quick!

We couldn’t help, but immediately get the game for our Arc S and boy, this game did bring back the tons of memories we had with the cult game. It’s quick; the online play works brilliantly well and within seconds we were hooked on to this ‘portable version’ of Counter Strike. The game looks a replica of the original and all the popular maps have been retained for the mobile version. The only time it lagged a little was when our player would die of head shots (that happened a lot considering the opposition was too strong for our liking). Okay, we’ll be honest out here, it’ll take some time to get used to this portable version, but it’s superb fun. What more, you can host your own game as well, so you and your friends can challenge each other and we’re betting you’ll be hooked on to it in no time. Kudos to the developer who ported this game. Oh, and if you have the Xperia Play, the fun might just escalate by a few levels, because button mapping for the Play works pretty well on the game. 

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