Friday, 20 January 2012

Datawind may manufacture only initial quota of Aakash

If a certain report by The Mobile Indian is to be believed, then the Indian government is not very pleased with its association with Datawind. The HRD ministry, who've essentially been the force behind the entire Aakash project didn't like it one bit when Datawind started the online booking of Aakash tablet before supplying it to the government. Doing this, Datawind, reportedly violated on a contract condition, which stated that Datawind are supposed to be "providing the tablets first to the government before selling it in open market".
End of the road?
End of the road?

With this incident leaving a bitter taste in their mouth, the government is contemplating giving the Aakash contract to other manufacturers in the market. Datawind, in this case, will only manufacture the pre-assigned or the initial quota of 1,00,000 Aakash tablets and not the rest.

The company, Datawind has been synonymous with the Aakash tablet, since they were the manufacturers of the Aakash tablet, since the start. If the government does end up handing over the contract to other manufacturers, then it will surely not look good for Datawind. The Canada-based company has been in the news, recently when several niggles with the Aakash tablet began popping up. Some reports even when to the extent saying that the government won't give the company the Letter of Credit, and may just decide to discontinue the tablet.

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