Sunday, 1 January 2012

Facebook now phasing out support for IE7

It has been a year since Facebook phased out support for IE6. Now, the social network seems to be singing to a similar tune with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. The browser does not support the most recent Facebook Timeline updates, which were made available to Facebook members this month. IE7 users can view their Facebook profile in the older format, instead of the all-new Timeline design, reports Sociable.
Gets 'biz'y

IE7..getting older

Internet Explorer IE7’s global share has been declining and it’s just a little more than 4 percent. Facebook does not plan to offer partial Timeline support for the five-year old Internet Explorer 7 and goes ahead to pull out support. Earlier Google had phased out support for IE7 for some of its services.

Although, Facebook supports all leading browsers, it’s suggested you use the most recent and updated versions. If you aren’t in favour of the Timeline feature, then IE7 may just suit you. Facebook is almost useless on IE6 and one shouldn’t be surprised to see the same happen with IE7, soon. 

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