Monday, 2 January 2012

Google Doodles twice to bring in 2012

Google got into celebratory mood twice to bring in 2012. On the 31st, they put out a Doodle representative of celebrating the incoming new year. This was the last Doodle of 2011 and featured the alphabet that make up Google celebrating with hats and streamers for the New Year, while '2012' is inscribed in the middle 'g' of the word. If you clicked on the Doodle, you were taken to a page with the search results for the words, "Happy New Year". This was the first time Google put out a Doodle on the 31st of December.
Google wishes you a happy new year
Google wishes you a happy new year

On the 1st of January, Google put out another Doodle to represent the first day of the New Year. Of course, this Doodle served as Google's first for the year 2012. The Doodle is indicative of making New Year's resolution. The first 'G' is learning a new language, the two 'O's are getting exercise, the second 'g' is learning to play the guitar, the 'l' is reading a stack of books and the 'e' is cleaning up

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