Saturday, 21 January 2012

Israeli and Saudi hackers wage cyber war against each other

Earlier this month, an Israeli credit card company was hacked with as many as 20,000 cards details compromised. This was done by a Saudi hacker, called 0xOmar who claimed at the time that he has posted details of 400,000 credit cards on the Internet. After this a war began to brew between the hackers of Israel and Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, Arab hackers hacked into the servers of Israel’s Anti Drug Authority and redirected viewers to a site that featured Palestinian gunman along with words in Hebrew, which stated ‘death to Israel’ along with Arabic messages, such as ‘Gaza hackers were here’ , a report by International Business Times states.
Websites from both countries affected (Image credit: The Daily Caller)
Websites from both countries affected (Image credit: The Daily Caller)

Following this online attack on the Anti Drug Authority, Israeli hackers retaliated by hacking the websites of two major Arab banks. The banks affected by this cyber war are the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and Arab Bank. Websites of both banks were offline after it had been attacked. The Israeli hacker group, IDF claims responsibility for the hacks on the Saudi banks and in a post on Pastebin, they state that the time limit for the attacks will continue so long as the terrorist attacks from the Saudi hackers continue. In the post they said, “If there is no change in the near future than will be disabled as well as stock market sites, government sites, such as” They go on to state that sites related to the country’s economy and security would also be taken down if the Saudi hacker continue to target their country.

Reportedly, hacking of the website of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al Airlines along with three other Israeli banks triggered the recent hacks of banks in Saudi Arabia. Hacker 0xOmar said that he and a group of hackers called Nightmare are going to continue hacking Israeli websites until the Israeli government apologized for their ‘genocide in Palestine and Gaza.’ In a related report by the International Business Times, Saudi bank officials have denied that any attack had taken place on the stock exchange. 

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