Sunday, 1 January 2012

LG to showcase Intel Medfield-powered Android phone at CES

January 9 will be the time when plenty of new devices will be announced for the upcoming year. Yes, it’s the Consumer Electronic Show all over again and this time LG is going to showcase Intel’s Medfield SoC on it’s new Android phone. There hasn’t been an official confirmation from LG still, but one of the top managers at LG has categorically mentioned to Korea Times that LG will have Intel’s first Android smartphone. 

Show me the power!
Show me the power!

Also, Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung has mentioned that their first Android smartphone will surely feature at CES. According to a few rumours, LG is getting a major subsidy from Intel for using their SoC, so that might be one of the reasons why the Medfield chip is featuring on LG first. We’ll have to wait for CES to kick off on January 9 to actually see what they’re up to.

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