Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mig33 moving miniblog from beta to official launch

Thirty days ago, the mobile community, mig33, launched a limited release of a miniblog. Now, Mig33 has announced that over the next few months, the miniblog service will transition from the existing beta to being integrated with mig33’s third-party games, chat, profiles and avatars. The mobile community said that in its beta phase itself, the miniblog had over 3,00,000 users. The miniblog includes features like levels, badges, labels, virtual gifts, avatars, emoticons, games and other experiences directly within the miniblog itself.
Screenshot of the microblog
Screenshot of the microblog

Mig33’s miniblog service comes along with a broadening of mig33’s client range.  Previously offered on a more narrow J2ME client, mig33 is now available on Android, BlackBerry, WAP, and web clients. Mig33 has taken inspiration from Sina Weibo, the China based microblog. Steven Goh, co-founder and CEO of mig33 says, "We believe that the proposition posed by Sina’s Weibo is applicable to other emerging markets. Users want to escape the restrictions of the ‘real world identity’ orientation of Facebook and want a far more flexible identity model, and frankly, a more fun and playful service.”

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