Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Miscreants tamper with Open Street Map, traced to India

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) project, an ambitious move with an aim to providing users with free, editable, collaborative map of the world has reportedly been tampered with, confirms an official post on the OSM project's blog. Miscreants using Google IP's were traced to India have been accessing these maps and have been making undesirable changes to them. According to the post, the miscreants managed to delete and move crucial OSM data, including subtle edits like reversing one-way streets. It has also been revealed that miscreants, using two OSM accounts with Google IP addresses managed to vandalize OSM in London, New York and other places. 

OpenStreetMap tampered with
OpenStreetMap tampered with

Narrating their previous, similar-natured brush with Google, the post stated, "Last week Mocality, a Kenyan business data startup, caught Google scraping their data and the post made it to boing boing. Mocality tracked this down with some analysis of their logs and a sting operation, even recording phone calls that Google staff made which contained false information. Google have apologized and the incident looked closed, at least from the outside."

The team at OSM, reportedly are carrying out a complete analysis, delving deeper into the entire incident.

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