Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Our utopian tech wish list for 2012

Trends and technologies come and go, while some stay and are standardized as a form of the modern world. The New Year means newer hopes, goals and resolution.
Our utopian tech wish list for 2012
Trends and technologies come and go. Some stay in the picture and are standardized as a form of the modern world. The New Year means newer hopes, goals and resolution. This year, our expectations from the tech world have risen a tad higher. So, we decided to pen down 10 things, which are on our wish list for 2012. They may seema bit far from reality, so those who find it impractical, should take it with a pinch of salt. We hope that some of it turns into reality.

All screens should show off 1920 x 1080
High quality and detailed images on every screen we look at makes a smooth entry into our wish list. We’ve gone way past the 1080p viewing, and wish that devices are enhanced with detailed and crisper viewing abilities. Now, this we hope, irrespective of the device in question. Although, it may sound too detailed for a mobile phone, the resolution could just take the viewing experience a tad higher for monitors, TVs and laptops. Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink also predicts higher resolution 1920 x 1200 screens to be the norm by Q3. 

10MBps anywhere, anytime
A faster 10MBps Internet connection at home, while roaming or in office is something the new-web-age requires. Making it just in time for 2012, this trend should witness a step up in the on-the-go computing/connectivity and drop off slow/fluctuating and inconsistent connection issues. Also, if we are spending so much over devices why not get a higher speed that lets us make optimum use of them, after all aren’t they all about personal computing and ‘portability.’

All paid apps up to $0.99 (approx Rs. 52)
If you are an App-happy person, what could be more alluring? And how often has the price stopped you from downloading that essential productivity or utility app? So, this year we yearn for all paid apps sporting a price tag of as low as $0.99 (lesser the better). Now, this is something phone makers and app developers should consider soon for our wish to come true.
Android for all
Android for all

Android for family-enabled with Latitude and location history
Mobile phones have, among other things, managed to help keep individuals well-connnected with their family at all times. So, we’ve been pondering over an entire family package of affordable Android devices, which could keep family connected with Latitude and location history. Now that’s not too much to ask for.

Cheap 3G plans
We are sure, this isn’t something unusual, and has probably made it to the wish list of many. The future of 4G services is undecided yet, but we hope 3G just slashes prices for easy availability. Now, what we are looking at is unlimited 3G plans for dirt cheap prices. As we’ve said time and again, we are a price sensitive market, and accepting a tech innovation for a huge monthly price is almost impossible. Now, we aren’t the only ones complaining about obnoxious 3G prices, are we?
Standard USB 2.0 ports on smartphones/tablets
The market has set a trend of fixed internal storage for tablets and smartphones. Now, we know there is room for external slots, so why not a standard USB port for easy transfer of data. Why can’t we simply plug-in a flash drive on the tablet/smartphone and view content without losing out on the internal space over a lengthy movie that needs to be watched just once or twice? It isn’t a huge feat to achieve; Datawind’s Aakash tablet did it even with the cheapest price tag attached to it.

Right to speech for all
Right to speech for all (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Glasses-free 3D mode
The three dimensional technology got a boost in the year 2011 and is expected to grow further this year. How about manufacturers pouring the potion into our throats with glasses-free 3D mode on all devices? So, we use it if we like it. Just like we’d like standard USB port on portable devices, this factor also comes to our standardization list as we wish all devices feature the 3D mode with glasses-free ability.

iPhones with slide-out QWERTY
‘Touch’ is synonymous to Apple, but don’t Apple fans deserve the comfort of a keypad as well (this doesn’t mean we aren’t happy with the iPhone’s touch ability). Apple may never fulfill this wish of some of us (if any), but it will be intriguing to see how well Apple fans would perceive an iPhone that has a slide-out QWERTY. So, as bizarre it may sound, an iPhone with slide-out QWERTY would be worth a look at.
iPhone with a physical keypad
iPhone with a physical keypad

Personal voice assistant
Why should just a handful of devices show off their interactive skills. Next on our wish list is a personal voice assistant bestowed upon all devices. Just like our mobile phones, which have shed off their luxury tag and are now a necessity, we expect voice assistant to guide us irrespective of the device we use. Although there are more than a handful of apps that are available for such assistance, that head-turner, efficient voice assistant is on our wish list for 2012.

Quick online purchases delivery
Now, we know that online purchases and payments are slowly catching up in India. But we’ve by far shown a good progress, especially last year. This year could be exceptional and the battle may intensify (whenever it does). We wished for instant delivery of products, but that’s impractical; so why not a shipping time within 24 hours or maybe a few single digit hours for the product to reach our doorsteps.
So, would this be our never-to-turn-true list for 2012, or do you think this statement may just be proven wrong.

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