Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Telcos should cut down 3G prices, says Nokia

There has been a tremendous increase in the way we consume digital data and one reason has been the wider acceptance of mobile phones. However, the penetration of 3G hasn’t been significant. Now, we all know the chief, driving factor – hefty prices. Needless to say, the acceptance of 3G has been very low, despite the growing number of 3G capable phones, owing to the price points at which 3G services are made available by telecom providers. Jasmeet Gandhi, Nokia India’s head (services marketing) now says that telecos should cut down prices of 3G services. 
Nokia expected to rise by 2 percent for their Q3 results
Cheaper 3G services

Reportedly, Jasmeet Gandhi said, “Pricing has to be corrected (for better penetration of 3G services). At the lower-end prices have to be right. A lot of consumers in India want to future proof themselves in terms of technology at the right price point. So when the pricing of 3G will be affordable, they will definitely go for it.

Nokia has a slew of low-end handsets, and it also put forth the entry-level Asha series last year that were equipped with 3G capabilities. The company believes that faster connections will help deliver online content to low segment handsets, which will eventually increase the sales for lower end devices. Although he maintains that high prices of 3G services are not affecting the sales of smartphones, Nokia’s market in India is driven by a large number of feature phones.

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