Sunday, 1 January 2012

Transcend releases new copy protected memory cards

Transcend Information, Inc. has announced the launch of its new Copy Protection SD and microSD Memory Cards. By recording data in a CDROM style partition, Copy Protection SD/microSD cards ensure the safety of valuable intellectual property against unauthorized copy, modification, and deletion.

Now protect your memory card content
Now protect your memory card content

Copy Protection SD/microSD memory cards guarantee protection of important media by storing audio and video files in a read-only partition, in a manner similar to a CD. Pre-loading memory cards at the point of manufacture ensures data cannot be copied or deleted, removing the effect of sophisticated cracking tools and even reformatting. Moreover, the inability to write new data offers an extra level of security against a loaded virus, which may destroy files and spread infection to other computers. For ease of use, these cards have been tested for compatibility with most platforms, regardless of the host device software and hardware settings.

Copy Protection SD/microSD cards can also be adapted to provide partially protected and partially free areas, allowing users to save and modify files in the free space as per a normal memory card. This functional aspect generates regular viewing of marketing material, helping to build lifetime customer value and enhance the whole user experience. Copy Protection SD cards are available by request in 2GB-64GB capacities and they are backed by Transcend’s limited lifetime warranty.

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