Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We had mixed feelings regarding the Windows 8 developer build that we had our hands on last year, and now we have a roadmap and timeline on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows operating system. As reported by Winunleaked.tk, Windows 8 is currently in its pre-Beta stage and will continue to remain so, till the 21st of January. From the 23rd of this month, it will enter into the Beta Escrow stage and testers can vote for their final build between the 23rd and the 28th of January. The internal preview of Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be shown on the 30th of this month. 
Windows 8...
Windows 8...

Windows 8 has been turning heads, since quite some time, with its tile themed Metro interface. It looked appealing in all the available developer builds and has been a fresh change from all their earlier interfaces; but will Microsoft be able to get the right balance between appearance and functionality? We’ll have to just wait and watch. 

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