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5 Best CDMA phones

There has always been a slight tussle between the GSM and CDMA technologies. Although CDMA gives out better speed...
5 Best CDMA phones
There has always been a slight tussle between the GSM and CDMA technologies. Although CDMA gives out better speed, GSM is more flexible, especially in a developing nation, like ours where feature phones are predominant (yet). Though CDMA took off well in India, there have been only a few CDMA players and users opting for CDMA have been few, too. Although, initially, players were seen dishing out low end handsets in the CDMA range, the scenario has been changing. Now this doesn’t mean there’s an array of high-end CDMA phones to choose from. Well, pushing aside these worries for later, we’ve managed to list out 5 options (high to mid) that you could pick out to indulge into a CDMA phone.
A good option for CDMA users
A good option for CDMA users

iPhone 4S - Airtel and Aircel
The iPhone 4S, equipped with both GPS and CDMA slots, could make for a great buy for those looking for a CDMA phone, and obviously willing to pay up a hefty price. Although the 4S misses on a external makeover (compared to the iPhone 4), it has come with some decent changes on the specs sheet like an 8 megapixel camera, A5 chip and the popular Siri voice assistant that sits proudly on the features sheet. The iPhone 4S is available in India through Aircel and Airtel at a starting price of Rs.44,500 for the 16GB version. Airtel and Aircel have even put forth some alluring tariff plans and packs to lure Apple loyalists.
CDMA berries
CDMA berries

BlackBerry Curve 9350 - Reliance and Tata Indicom
The Curve 9350 was released with a slew of handsets, noticing that it could have been a tad difficult amidst its big, stylish brothers Bold and Torch. Nevertheless, the Bold Curve 9350 managed to make a mark with some cool upgrades. The Curve could be an option for BlackBerry fans (who haven’t yet decided on moving onto other platforms) looking for a CDMA device. Running on the BlackBerry 7 OS, it embeds a 2.44-inch screen along with 5 megapixel camera, support for Wi-Fi, expandable 32GB memory and is powered by 800 MHz processor. The BlackBerry Curve 9350 would leave you with the option to pick from Reliance or Tata Indicom networks after shelling out a sum of Rs.20,990.  It is available at Flipkart for both Tata Indicom and Reliance users for Rs.20,850.

BlackBerry Style 9670 - Reliance and Tata Indicom
Yet another CDMA handset from BlackBerry is the Style 9670. This one flips open to reveal a display and the popular BlackBerry QWERTY keypad. Priced at Rs. 18,500, this BlackBerry handset can be picked with a Reliance or Tata Indicom network connection, just like the Curve 9350. At Rs.19,500, the 9670 is based on BlackBerry OS 6 with a feature set that includes 5 megapixel camera, support for Wi-Fi, 3G and music player and expandable memory up to 32GB. It is also available online at Flipkart.
Affordable lot
The affordable lot

Samsung Galaxy Pop i559 - All leading carriers
For Android fans in India, looking for a CDMA handset, Samsung had the CDMA version of the Galaxy Pop (i559) last year. This Android Froyo flavour based phone is capable of  fast data speed up to 3.1 Mbps. The device is integrated with a 3.14-inch touchscreen, alongside Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity options and expandable memory up to 32GB. The device can be used across all CDMA operators like Airtel, Reliance, Idea and Vodafone, to name a few, all they need is an OHM card. Moreover, the number can be retained with MNP. Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA i559 is priced around Rs.9,000.

Motorola Milestone XT800 - MTS, Reliance and Tata Indicom
The Motorola Milestone XT800, the first Android with CDMA+GSM functionality for India, and seems to be yet another decent option for those wanting an Android CDMA phone. The XT 800 runs on an Android 2.1 operating system and is powered by a 550MHz processor. The Wi-Fi enabled device has an expandable memory up to 32GB. With a classic candy bar form factor, it has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a secondary front camera, too. The camera allows to record and playback videos in 720p HD quality. At Flipkart, the Milestone XT 800 can be picked at around Rs.17,000.

It is disappointing to see that not many options prevail for CDMA users. What do think about the dearth of good CDMA options in India? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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