Friday, 20 January 2012

SMART Tech. announces new SMART Notebook 11 learning software

SMART Technologies Inc. have announced their new SMART Notebook 11 collaborative learning software. Version 11 of SMART Notebook will enable teachers to integrate online resources into SMART Notebook files, enhancing instruction and increasing classroom efficiency. This new version is available as a free download to all SMART Notebook licence holders. The collaborative license for SMART Notebook can be purchased separately for US$599 (Rs.31,200).
New educational software
New educational software

A new embedded web browser allows teachers to insert a live browser page directly into a SMART Notebook file. Users can then write, draw, and drag and drop content on the page. Version 11 includes widgets, such as a dictionary and translator, which will let users handwrite a query, receive the answer and move that answer to the SMART Notebook software page. An avatar widget will let teachers bring their dynamic talking avatars into SMART Notebook 11 and save them to the Gallery. 

Some of the new features include: 
  • Activity builder – Creates activity objects that react to actions with animations or sound
  • Embedded web browser – Inserts web browsers directly onto a SMART Notebook software page
  • Enhanced contextual toolbar – Responds to actions by giving users the required tool choices when they choose a certain object
  • Crayon – Creates authentic crayon drawings on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard
  • Customized creative pen – Builds a unique creative pen from any image
  • Reset page – Brings SMART Notebook software page back to its last saved state to instantly start again
  • Gesture recognition – Supports four-touch interactivity for the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard and the SMART Board 8070i interactive display. Also recognizes new shake gesture to group or ungroup objects.
  • Audio recording – Records sounds directly into a file
  • Shape image fill – Adjusts the size of an image to fit into a specific shape
  • Updated tables – Supports scaling, moving and interacting within tables more easily
  • New text engine – Provides improved text formatting and consistency
  • Fade ink – Fades any regular ink
  • Full-page frame – Allows borders of the page layout to be displayed

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