Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Did the Samsung Galaxy S III get showcased at CES?

The Mobile World Conference is scheduled for next month and reports have been suggesting that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III will be unveiled at the event. Rumours in the past stated that the upcoming handset will feature a quad-core processor as well as a large 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720. Unlike Sony, who can't seem to keep their upcoming smartphones under wraps for long, there have been no image leaks of the S III yet. Samsung, however, may have provided us a glimpse of what the handset may look like, in an official wrap-up video regarding their CES 2012 announcements.
Practically no bezel here
Practically no bezel here

The YouTube video by Samsung USA shows a handset that has not been seen before and in fact, this part of the video is not related to a smartphone at all. This bit of the presentation shows off a Samsung camera’s remote viewfinder capabilities that can be accessed using a smartphone application. But from the image we can see that the handset in question features an extremely slim bezel and a large display thereby fitting some of the rumoured design specifications of the handset.

With that being said, Samsung have, in the past shown concept videos of what products they hope to have for the future and this very well maybe a concept handset to display the camera’s features. But with MWC being just a few weeks away, we will get to know, if the Galaxy S III will be launched and if it will look anything like this stylish futuristic handset.

Let us know your reactions about this handset and do you think this may be the S III in the comments section below.

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