Friday, 20 January 2012

One Samsung claim in Apple suit faces rejection

In what comes as the latest twist in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit saga, one of Samsung's claims against Apple in Germany has been rejected in a ruling delivered by Judge Andreas Voss of the Mannheim Regional Court, according to Foss Patents. This one patent claim, is a part of a total of 7 patent infringement claims filed by Samsung, pertaining to a host of mobile technologies. This particular, rejected, patent claim pertained to the 3G/UMTS wireless telecommunications standard.

One claim rejected, six more to go

Verdict on the remaining 6 patent infringement claims is awaited, and details on whether Samsung will appeal to the ruling, too, stand unavailable, at the moment. Reportedly, the verdict did not specify the reason for rejecting the claim. Explaining this, the report states, "While a number of legal grounds are theoretically possible, doubts about the validity of the asserted patent would have resulted in a stay, not a rejection, due to Germany's bifurcated system under which validity issues are addressed in different fora than infringement lawsuits."

At the Mannheim Regional Court, where proceedings of Samsung's claims against Apple continues, there's another ongoing lawsuit, wherein Apple's suing Samsung for allegedly infringing on six patents.

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