Monday, 2 January 2012

Media-related announcement from Apple slated for later this month

There are a lot of floating rumours surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPad. Recently, we saw what may have been the display for the iPad 3, in all likelihood. However, as with all Apple-related announcements, wherein everything is kept under wraps, this one, too will remain a well-kept secret, until the date of a media event. AllThingsD reports that, according to their sources Apple has apparently scheduled a media-related event that is to take place later this month in New York. One, however should not get their hopes too high as several sources have informed the site that the event is not related to the upcoming tablet from Apple.
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Media-related event in NYC this month?

Since the past few months, many reports have been surfacing regarding an integrated Apple HDTV, which is rumoured to be launched sometime this year or early next year. Several sources have informed the website that chances of Apple launching this iTV are highly improbable, just the way rumours about iPad 3 fizzled out. Reportedly, though this is not a large scale event, it is an important one, nevertheless. As per the sources, the event slated for later this month may be advertising related or regarding a publishing announcement, since Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue is reportedly involved. 

Eddy Cue oversees a range of media units for Apple, which include iCloud, iTunes Store, iBookstore and the App Store. Apart from this, not many details are known regarding the event. But as soon as we know, you will.

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