Monday, 2 January 2012

Asus launching Transformer Prime Mini?

We can definitely count on Asus to infuse some innovation in the tablet and phone genre with their Padfone, Transformer and Slider series of tablets. This time, a press shot of their new and upcoming Android tablet has leaked on Notebook Italia and it seems that this new tablet might follow the trend their previous tablets have set. Option A. This is their new Eee Pad Transformer Prime Mini. Being of the same type, the Transformer Mini will most probably come with a mini keyboard dock. There aren’t any specs available still to substantiate that claim, though.

Is this the Transformer Prime Mini
Is this the Transformer Prime Mini?

Option B is that this could be their Eee Pad Memo and as can be seen from the images, it looks likely to sport a 7-inch display. Android OS mentions that it will come with a 1280 x 800p display, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual core processor, 3G, Wi-Fi and 1GB of RAM. CES is just round the corner, so the wait won’t be too long this time. Samsung had tried its hand at a 7 incher, earlier, and it has more or less generated a love-it-or-hate-it feel. Now, we might have a 7-inch with an attachable keyboard. But, does that make sense to you?

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