Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Samsung roped in Apple iPhone ad model for its own ad

Friends-turned-foes, Samsung and Apple have been battling it out for a while now over a set of patents, which they claim have been infringed by the other. While this battle still rages on, there seems to be some bickering between them, elsewhere, too. However, one Twitter user,Cheryl Lindo Jones, reportedly was the one to spot the resemblance, and revealed that Samsung roped in the same model used by Apple in its iPhone 4S commercial, for advertising its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets. In the videos below, it is for all of us to see that the featured model, a little girl, in this case is the same. While you sit back to chew on that one, 9to5Macreports that, Samsung's commercial by itself too is too similar for comfort to Apple's. Check out the video of Apple's iPhone 4S commercial below:


Interestingly, reports also suggest that Samsung removed their commercial from their official YouTube page. They, however, are yet to confirm if uncanny resemblance to Apple's iPhone 4S commercial has anything to do with that move. The comparison, in question is between Apple's iPhone 4S commercial and Samsung's commercial for their Galaxy Tab. Both ads feature similar concepts - describing the features of the said product, and of course, the same model. Check out the video of Samsung's Galaxy Tab commercial below:


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