Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Telecoms may have to compensate subscribers for poor services

If the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) makes up its mind on this, then very soon, subscribers who're not very pleased with the poor services offered by the network providers can expect a compensation! This, however, is just a concept, at the moment. TRAI, although believes that a move like this would be welcomed with open arms by the masses, the feasibility of it is something they are yet to ascertain, according to a report by MoneyLife. Reportedly, at the moment, TRAI is holding discussions with all the major mobile servivce providers operational in the country. Also, considering that the concept is still in the discussion stage a clear timeline for it hasn't been set.
MNP woes! (Image credit: Getty Images)
If all goes well, you get compensated for bad services (Image credit: Getty Images)

TRAI has been, off late charting out several guidelines for the better functioning of the telecom sector in the country, especially with the aim of making it pro-consumer. This past week saw TRAI bring in different concepts, remedial measures, which included - making it mandatory for all mobile service providers to to provide accurate updates of calls, data downloads - each time voice and data services by prepaid users, setting up common complaint centres to improve the affairs of customer service in the country.

However, compensating subscribers for poor services, although will be a hit with the users; will take some serious efforts from TRAI. What do you think?

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